of the German Workgroup for Variable Stars e. V.  ISSN: 2566-5103

Publisher: Bundesdeutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Veränderliche Sterne e.V.
Munsterdamm 90  12169 Berlin,    Germany

Editor:  Ernst Pollmann


BAVSpec001  Issue_June_2017    


Page 1:   Editorial  (E. Pollmann)  
Page 2:   The new BAV MAGAZINE SPECTROSCOPY  (L. Pagel, E. Pollmann)
Page 3:   Disks and Kitchen Sinks  (St. Shore)
Page 8:   Spektroskopie des Planetarischen Nebels NGC6543  (I. Gehlmann, J. Hilberg)
Page 24: AAVSO-BAV-ARAS-Campaign "Photometry & Spectroscopy of P Cygni"  (E. Pollmann)
Page 28: Bericht BAV-Sektion Spektroskopie 2014-15-16  (E. Pollmann)
Page 29: Collaborative Spectr. Observ. of Molecules in classical Novae  (H. Kawakita, A. Arai)

BAVSpec002  Issue_December_2017    


       Page 1: E. Pollmann: Editorial
       Page 2: S. Shore: Disks and Kitchen Sinks (II)
       Page 7: T. Demirel: Spektroskopie von Sternenlicht
       Page 15: R. Galis, J. Merc,  L. Leedjärv: The outburst activity of the symbiotic binary AG Draconis
       Page 17: T. Lester: My new home built echelle spectrograph   
       Page 20: Ch. Buil: 3D printed UVEX spectrograph
       Page 24: E. Pollmann, W. Vollmann, Ph. Bennet: 
                      A  time series of BV photometry and Hα emission Fluxes of the eclipsing binary VV Cep
BAVSpec003  Issue_June_2018

      Page 1: E. Pollmann:  Editorial                                                                                  

      Page 2:  T. Demirel:  Spektroskopie von Sternenlicht (II)                   

      Page 16: E. Pollmann, Ph. Bennett, J. Hopkins:  The long-term binary system VV Cep                                                                                

      Page 24: M. Trypsteen:   DSLR spectroscopy of M42